Wireframes Vs Mockups: How Are They Different From Each Other?

Posted on June 11, 2020 in Design Principles, Design Tutorial

Wireframes Vs Mockups: How Are They Different From Each Other?

When it comes to the application of the website development process, several steps require to be completed. Like any product, there are several development stages, which the initial idea needs to go through to become the final product.

In-app and web development, it is crucial for the idea to go through stages. Why?

  • It will help in having the right vision of what needs to be developed
  • It will save money
  • Customers and investors can be pitched with the help of these stage developments

Here these developmental stages are divided into three categories of low, medium, and high fidelity. Under this comes various developmental build-ups like sketches, wireframes, mockups, and prototypes.

In this article, the discussion is about wireframes vs mockups.

About wireframes

Wireframing is the stage in which the website or application is decided on a skeletal form. The features and specifications of the product are decided, along with its functionalities. What all content will be added to each page, what will be functions of each feature, and where each feature will be placed, are some decisions taken during this phase.

Importance of wireframes

  • They are a low-cost method of deciding the content and functions of the end product.
  • It can help in reducing the communication gap between the developers.
  • It can be made easily without many resources.


About mockups

Mockups present a more realistic version of the wireframes. In this, the wireframe features are given a structure and proper outline. In this stage, various features are added to make the structuring more visualization. Color, logos, text, fonts are some content and features added at this stage of development. Therefore, there is no way one can end up using wireframes versus mockups or vice versa.

Importance of mockups

  • It gets easier to explain the final product to investors or consumers.
  • Richer visuals of the end product make communication easier.
  • These models are easier to test and preview as they are more realistic.

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Difference between wireframes and mockups

The major difference between wireframes and mockups is that wireframes are low fidelity, and mockups are high fidelity. This means the wireframes are more paper and pen-based, whereas the mockups are more realistic and give a more computerized version of the product.

Wireframes are all about the structuring, content, features, setup, and layout.

It will give scenarios based on what will go where and what will happen if one clicks on a certain tab. Simultaneously, the mockups are all about visual representation, which includes colors, typography, fonts, designs, etc. Thus, it gives a more realistic definition of what the final product will be like.

All in all, wireframes and mockups are both highly crucial stages of the app and web development; without them, the development process cannot be completed.

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