What are the steps to make a wireframe design?

Posted on July 8, 2020 in Design Principles

What are the steps to make a wireframe design?

A website wireframe, also known as a page schematic, is mainly a visual guide representing your website’s skeletal framework. A wireframe is created mostly to arrange different elements in the best accomplishment of a particular purpose.

Tips for creating a wireframe

It’s essential to have a wireframe before developing a website. The reason is that it serves as a layout for how your website will work and how users can navigate your site. There are many things which one should keep in mind while¬†creating a wireframe. It includes site needs, rating importance of every element on the page, and some more things. Here are the crucial tips which can help you to do these things faster and easier

  • Talk to your stakeholders

If you are creating a website for many internal or external client clients, and it’s better to understand their entire requirement. So, it’s always better to set up a meeting with your clients and find out their site’s overall goals and what they want when any visitors arrive.

developing a website

  • Buttons are prominent

Many people are accustomed in clicking button on any website to perform many tasks such as ordering something or confirming payments. So, you either need to have control of rectangle or rounded shape throughout the site.

  • The thing about the navigation

Depending on which type of site you are building, you could end up with few pages. Your key should be to create a hierarchy that makes sense. For example, suppose you are making a company website. In that case, you should place company-related items in one drop-down menu and also product-centric elements in the other drop-down menu.

Steps for creating wireframe from online sites

If you want to create a beautiful wireframe for your site, you can take the help of different for it. You need to follow some of the easiest and simple steps to make a wireframe design. The steps include

  1. Select wireframe template
  2. Name your blog
  3. Now, start creating your wireframe design
  4. Then, move the search box to the right column
  5. Add video to the wireframe. Now you need to adjust the content on-page and share it.

If you are creating any website, you can use some tips to do your work perfectly, such as providing navigation, adding actual text, and many more.

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