How are some websites more mesmerizing than others?

Posted on May 15, 2020 in Website Development

How are some websites more mesmerizing than others?

Who doesn’t love to visit or built a website that leaves a potential client breathless and mesmerized? In the age of globalization, where one is no longer competing with limited players in any market, one must grab a fellow potential client’s attention. One needs to make sure that a person falls in love at first sight of their website.

Do you ever wonder how is it accomplished? Web development is made up of 3 main elements:

  • HTML File
  • CSS File
  • Java Script File

A creative developer must focus on CSS. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is a styling concept. It is majorly used for presentation on a website. It is 100 percent creativity focused. Now you know why some websites are more popular than others.

Why developers focus more on CSS?

CSS is one of the very important constitutes of any web development. It is a creative developer’s best friend. In a short attention span era, it is but majorly important to stand out and grab it.

One of the main reasons of using CSS in web design is because it helps the developer in achieving the same goal. While HTML is only used to define the structure of the content on the web page, CSS gives style to the same, making it more eye-catchy.

What does CSS bring to the table?

CSS is called cascading because it cascades in 3 manners to be precise. This will help to understand the advantages of CSS:

  1. Supports enabling multiple impressive style sheets on one HTML document.
  2. Changes in any element like font, text, size made simple and easier.
  3. Saves time by not having to write extensive lines of code in an HTML file.
  4. It also reduces the file size, which eventually means faster loading time.

Along with the above, there exists multiple benefits of CSS.

web designing

How effective is it in web designing?

CSS is a very powerful and fully focused on creativity tool. The entire layout of the webpage can be adjusted easily and swiftly. One does not need to define the appearance of every element, table, or block of text in the HTML file itself.

CSS helps the website in better creative performance and easier maintenance. One of the reasons for using CSS in web design. This shall indefinitely help you to create a better website that will be more visited than others in the competition.

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