Bring out the most from your Photoshop using these tips

Posted on February 23, 2020 in Design Principles, Graphics Editors

Bring out the most from your Photoshop using these tips

Ever since it was released, Photoshop has become synonymous with photo editing. That’s how big the effect photoshop has created. It is an artist’s haven. It has almost all the tools you need to make a masterpiece.

It is easy to use, and one of the tools photographers mostly start with for editing. It is powerful and can make your creativity shine. But just having all the tools wouldn’t make it effective. One must know how to make the best use of it. This guide will give you some tips to make your photo a great one on Photoshop.

How to edit photos using Photoshop:

Here are some tips to make a photo editable in Photoshop to make your photos look awesome.

  • Crop the image for a better look

Most of the time, a simple crop can make your picture look a lot better. Crop out any unwanted stuff and give more attention to the subject. The ratio you pick can also give your image a maximum impact.

edit photos


  • ¬†Correct the exposure

There are a lot of times; your pictures can become overexposed. Using Photoshop’s various tools, you can correct its details and wash out the skin color and features. The exposure can be corrected from the drop-down menu in the Image section. There are various ways to adjust the exposure.

  • Lighten or Darken the image
  • Adjust the level of exposure with varying contrasts
  • Adjust the curves for a nostalgic feel for your pic
  • Use vignette to increase focus on your picture
  • Brush up for clearer and smooth finishes
  • Dehaze using a raw filter
  • Adjusts shadows and highlights
  • Add and Blend layers to enhance your pictures
  • Add and Improve Colors

If you couldn’t add white balance while you click pics, you can improve it in photoshop. There are many color balance tools, giving your picture a good look in RGB and CMYK formats.

These are some of the many tricks for a great picture in Photoshop. For more tricks, you can check out Adobe’s site for Photoshop guides.

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