Here Are Some Tips To Use The Pencil Tool In Illustrator

Posted on December 29, 2019 in Design Tutorial, Graphics Editors

Here Are Some Tips To Use The Pencil Tool In Illustrator

A pencil tool is a popular tool in Adobe Illustrator for creating freeform lines and paths. It is a relatively easy to use and flexible tool. You can draw straight lines, shapes, curves, etc. using the pencil tools. You can draw a straight line by clicking the pencil tool. It will create two anchor points. Then, by clicking, a straight line is created to connect the corner dots to make line segments. Let us discuss how it is done.

Tips To Use The Pencil Tool In Illustrator

Tips To Use The Pencil Tool In Illustrator is relatively easy to use a pencil tool. You need to follow the following steps:


  • First of all, select the pencil tool. Now, take your pen tool where you want to draw a line in the front end. Click to put your anchor point. (Tip – Make sure you do not drag the moment.) The first anchor will be visible when you select the second anchor point. Make sure you avoid making a direct line by preventing to drag the pencil tool. You can undo by clicking Ctrl+Z on your keyboard to remove the mistake.
  • You need to click again where you want to create the straight line’s endpoint. Keep clicking until you set an anchor point for more straight-line segments.
  • The last anchor point will be shown as a solid square when it is selected. The other anchor will be hollow and deselected when you more anchor tags are added.

  • Close the path by positioning the pencil tool over the first anchor point you selected. It will be set correctly when a small circle will appear near the pen tool pointer.
  • To leave the path, click or drag. You can also select a different tool or press Enter or Return.

This is how you can use the pen tool. Drawing freeform path using the pencil tool will be quite easy and efficient for your use. It would be best if you learn how to use it for your benefit.

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