Organize Your Content in Grids

Posted on November 12, 2020 in Design Principles, Design Tutorial

Organize Your Content in Grids

Grid layout means adding a few straight lines or squares on your webpage to divide the content into a simpler and more organized form. By way of grids, visitors find the content appealing, organized, and it helps them read specific content of their interest in small sections divided by way of lines. Every graphic designer has their reasons for using a grid, so let’s discuss some of them.

Key reasons why you should design with a grid:

  • Content looks organized

The main feature of grids is to make the content organized. It gives the designer a sense of discipline and uses innovative techniques to fit content in fixed sections and alignment on a page. The page looks neat and clean.

  • Divide the content

Through grids, it is possible to divide content into sections and titles each. This makes it easy to read a specific part of the content and make the content more readable, instead of having it all in a paragraph.

  • Enough space for pictures

If using pictures on your site, a grid helps you decide in advance where the picture would go and the same with the written content. It looks cohesive and can go side-by-side or line-by-line, depending on your content.

  • Collaborating made easier

It is needful for most artists to collaborate with other artists to get their work seen by a larger audience. Having a grid design on your website lays out the perfect positions of where everything would go. Fewer questions are asked, fewer doubts rise, fewer arguments originate from what both of you want. Your site will give them a clear idea of where their part will go.

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  • Consistency

There’s a single type of structure throughout the website which looks professional, creative, cohesive, and consistent.

  • Breaking the grid

Some important announcements or products or information need more space on a site than a grid’s square. Thus, it is pretty strategic to break the grid layout once in a while for special announcements, like a new store opening up. It pulls the focus and breaks the creative monotony.

In a nutshell, grids bring your content out as professional, creative, and organized. Paragraphs and bullet points may be too much to read sometimes at one sitting. But with the numerous pros of using grids in design, you can have structured content with each small section (of your choice) on the page dedicated to a specific sub-point.

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