Making Pixel Art in Adobe Illustrator

Posted on January 27, 2020 in Graphics Editors

Making Pixel Art in Adobe Illustrator

Pixel art is the art that is edited on the level of its pixels. It comes under the digital form of art. This is to make the art look like video game characters and setting which used to be there on old computers. So basically, to feel like an old soul and design a vintage aesthetic. One has to follow some easy steps for making pixel art in Illustrator.

Using Illustrator to create pixel art:

Using Illustrator to create pixel art takes more focus than a painter to make pixel art. Every pixel has to be focused on. There are several areas to devote attention to, like designing the hands of a character. Carefully understanding previous work done by artists is a smart way to start. Otherwise, one could get lost.

Steps to create pixel art:

  • The first step is deciding the size of the image you wish to create. A 10-pixel x 10-pixel throughout the image size works fine for some artists.
  • Next, decide the number of rows and columns that will be there in your grid. The grid is there to give the look of the pixel in an image.
  • Next, select a group of boxes of the grid and select Object>Live Paint>Make.
  • After the above step, it’s all you. You personalize, paint, create your pixel art, and then make lots of them.

Adobe Illustrator

Pixel art is often still used in some video games to recreate the old look. A good example of an old video game character would be Mario. That was purely pixelized. In this world of major digital effects in high-quality games, some users still like to relive the old times. Pixel graphic designers target this segment of users to give them the experience and joy they want and that is not easily available in the market.

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