How Having Basic DOs In Font Pairing Can Help Your Design

Posted on April 18, 2020 in Design Principles

How Having Basic DOs In Font Pairing Can Help Your Design

The font chosen for a text is a factor that contributes to the readability and beauty of the writing. The right kind of font varies depending on the context it is used for. In posters and other graphic designs, the font plays a crucial role. It must match the message conveyed and the designs used in the poster. Mostly, more than one fonts are used. Selecting multiple fonts must be done carefully as they should complement the others and the design’s overall layout. Having basic DOs in font pairing can help to make this process easier.


The primary point in any design is to make the writing stand out. Opposite types of fonts tend to go well together. You should let your creativity take over, and this is possible by mixing different styles and emphasizing the text in different ways. There are four main types of fonts – serif, decorative, script, and sans serif. Let’s see more about these in detail.

type of font


  • Serif

This type of font is usually used in novels and newspapers, for headlines, and other forms of classical writing. The font has a look that is strong and elegant.

  • Sans serif

These fonts are used for blogs, websites, and relatively modern forms of writing. The letters are rounded.

  • Decorative

They are used for logos and other designs. They are more detailed creatively.

  • Script

They are also used for packaging, logos, and romantic forms of writing.

Font pairing

The separate parts of an article or design require different levels of attention. The difference in the fonts helps to achieve this. As mentioned above, the two or three fonts chosen must go well with each other and with the remaining parts of the copy. You can achieve this kind of captivity for your copy using DOs in font pairing in graphic design.

  • You can use the same font in different sizes and forms. You can bold it in one place and use italics at another while also using different colors. Doing this gives the article consistency while looking difficult.
  • A bold font goes well with the script font, especially when they vary significantly different in size. It can catch and keep the attention of the reader.
  • A novelty font can look good with a sans serif type of font. The novelty fonts are so full of personality that the sans serif font is its best companion.

The key in font pairing is the balance between the fonts. They must look elegant together. You can get innovative with your choice of fonts. Try to create a personalized style that reflects who the text is speaking for.  In this way, you can create a bond with your designs and also with the viewer.

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