Create a sitemap and help boost your website

Posted on August 5, 2020 in Website Development

Create a sitemap and help boost your website

Running a website can be tough and consume a lot of your time. Without proper maintenance and knowledge, your website may not grow efficiently. Leading search engines have various search engine optimization techniques to grow their website. Sitemaps help you to manage and develop your website easily. The sitemap is a virtual blueprint of your website. They help users to access your website through their desired search engine. Creating a sitemap plays an essential part in the growth of your website. There are various pros of having the sitemap associated with your website.

Types and ways to create a sitemap

There are mainly four types of sitemaps

  • Normal XML Sitemap

It is the most common type of sitemap. It uses an XML platform to link to various other websites and your search engine.

  • Video Sitemap

This sitemap helps to detect and understand the video content on your page.

boost your website

  • News Sitemap

It helps to find your website through news content linked to your search engine.

  • Image Sitemap

It finds out all the images on your website and provides the results with a search engine’s help.

Sitemap finds out the location of your website with the help of your search engine. Without a genuine sitemap, the SEO ratings of your website can fall terribly. Some easy steps to create a sitemap are:

  • You need to map out the basic structure of your website. You need to have a basic sitemap framework for the better functioning of your website.
  • You need to provide specific codes to the URLs associated with your website. It is an essential thing to set up the firewall and structure of your website.
  • After generating a code, you need to validate the code. Try validating the code with a genuine and authentic website.
  • You must add your sitemap to the root folder of your website. A sitemap page on your website helps attract users to your website.
  • Finally, you can submit your sitemap to the linked search engine.

Advantages of having a sitemap on your website: –

  • Users can easily find your website on the internet
  • It enables you to modify and post the content on your website
  • Your information can reach out to your users easily and can save a lot of your time
  • Your sitemap report helps you to monitor your audience
  • You can arrange and categorize your content easily
  • You do not need to spend a single penny for creating a sitemap

Creating a sitemap helps to gain various benefits for your website. You can get good ratings and attract a huge audience with the help of a sitemap.

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