Try converting an image to vector for better resolution and look

Posted on October 28, 2019 in Design Tutorial

Try converting an image to vector for better resolution and look

Vectorizing an image is an easy way to draw illustrations from images. When you zoom in on any image, you start to see the pixels of the images. Vectors comprise of shapes and lines, and converting an image to a vector is easy. Leading designers and professionals have recommended vector graphics as compared to the ordinary ones. Vectorising is the method of converting a pixel – frame image to a vector-based image. The pixels are converted into a line or shape. It also includes text and symbols. The vector image and ordinary image are nearly the same, but the vector one has more precision and a smooth finish.

Features of vectorization and vector image:

Turning an image into vector requires the right software and adequate skills. Every image that you have or you see cannot be turned into a vector. You need some high-quality photographs or still images to convert them into their vector form. Logos, cartoons, and schematics are mostly used converting an image to vector.

Practical use of image vectorization:

  • It is widely used by professional designers for forming various graphic designs.
  • Aerial maps are scanned to show accurate details of the place.
  • Architectural schematics are presented in vector form for a better understanding of the infrastructure.
  • The technology used for optimal and pattern recognition uses vector form for its broad features.

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Advantages of using vector form image:

  • The graphics used in vector form have infinite resolutions. They never lose their quality. The pixels remain the same as that of the original image.
  • You can view the image at any size. The scalability of the image increases with vector-base. You can easily zoom-in and zoom-out of the image at your wish. You can also send the vector image at any size. The image has high compressibility and it ensures the original quality of the image.
  • Vector images consume less space on your storage drives. The vector images comprise only the details and avoid unnecessary information. They only contain the coordinates of the line and points upon which the image is formed.
  • It is easy to draw on any paper or digital board. Vector images contain only lines and geometric shapes and can be formed easily. It allows faster editing and re-modelling of the image as compared to any ordinary image.
  • Vector images provide high quality as looks realistic. The images are very precise.

Vectorizing an image is easy and has multiple uses in the commercial line of work. You can easily convert an image to vector and enjoy the benefits.

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